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Effective 21 ways to attract women.

ALL2BD Desk: Men will have attraction for women, women will also have attraction for men, this is normal; But women prefer to keep their own demands mysterious; How can a man show himself attractive to a woman?
Yes, you have to keep a light weight for women's psychoanalyst. That is, you need to be aware of the woman's affectionate, hurtful; So let us know 21 ways to attract women.
1. Always try to stay clean, stay tidy. Whatever clothes you read, it is so beautiful and you are signed with them.
2. Always look at women's eyes to prove their self-confidence. Women like confident boys .; Do not look towards the body. It may be your nasty sense to you.
3. Be Proud. For example, 'blue sari you feel like the madness of samaresh'.
4. Give importance to his views. Give him time while talking, listen silently. Above all, be a good listener .; A good listener is not just women but everyone likes it.
5. Raise her good looks. Like you seem to be sunny. All your work is good. You're so positive, etc .; If he does not like any of his aspects, then consider him politely. Tell him that it is the best of the world that is right.
6. Know all those who love him, his love, his affectionate, unpleasant. Drag and drop the things that match your preferences over and over again. Sometimes he can give some excuses to his liking. Women prefer to get the benefit.
7. Remember, girls are attracted to social and associates. Evaluate his friends. Do not make bad comments about his friends in front of him. This could be your adverse reaction to you. Keep in touch with her souls, friends.
Girl dressed up
8. Be careful about him. Before entering, go back and open the door and welcome him. This is the very favorite of women.
9. Reveal its importance to you. Try to avoid the phone at the same time. Try talking about the phone while you focus on him. You have full attention to him.
10. Help him. Girls are always attracted to partners. For example, extend your hand to coat.
11. Try going to the regular gym. Do not need to be a hardcore bodybuilder at the gym; Girls will love you if you have a fairly slim figure and a nice badspeep.
12. Try beautiful haircuts and nails. Save regularly.
13. Make sure you do not get any bad odor from your body. Take a shower regularly. Try using BadSpace.
14. Try to have a nice smile. That's why you can practice regularly in the mirror. Do not laugh too much.
15. Try to make your walk style attractive. You can practice walk style styles from various movies.
16. Make sure your position of confidence is confident. There is a possibility of losing admission to women if standing poses are not attractive.
17. Try to make the voice interesting. Practice speaking heavy and manly voices. Never try to talk to the radio junkie style.
18. Never mind mentally weak girls