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Now easily Shut Down Your computer.

Many times our computer needs to be closed after a certain time. For example, if you have given some downloads on the Internet or given a computer virus scan, which requires 30 minutes to download or scan. But it is not possible for you to remain in the computer for 30 minutes. Or you have to go out to work urgently.
If you wish, you can schedule your computer to stop after a certain time, so that the computer itself is closed after a certain time. Many people use different types of software to do this job. But without any software, this tricks can easily shutdown or restart the computer.
See the steps below to make the settings.
1) Right click on the desktop.
2) Click New from Shortcut.
3) SHUTDOWN.EXE -s -t 20 in the text box.
4) Next> Finish Click here.
See Desktop on an icon named Shutdown.exe.
Double-click the icon to see a box called System Shutdown and after 20 seconds your computer will be shutdown immediately.
Note that if you want to set more than 20 seconds then you can set the time as per your requirement after SHUTDOWN.EXE -s -t. For example, you can type 1800 second for 30 minutes.
To restart
If you type SHUTDOWN.EXE -r -t 30, the computer will restart at certain time.