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The Dramatic Tubers Get Lost in Denmark

That's the real color of the World Cup. A group of people will be glad to leave their eyes in joy. Russia's Novgorod Stadium witnessed one of the most dramatic tablas in World Cup history. If the scheduled game is 1-1, then the tiebreaker to match the match. There also plays the drama.
The two teams failed to score goals from their first shot. In the next two shots, the goal is equal to 2-2. Going into the fourth shot, the team of two teams missed the penalty again. But in the last shot and the teammates did not repeat the mistakes Ivan Rakitich The fifth shot was missed by Denmark's Erngensen but he scored the goal in the quarter-finals of the World Cup quarterfinal.
In the fourth match of the second round of the losing color of the World Cup, there was a lot of tension. Europe's powerful team crushed Croatia well, another European country Denmark The two-match match ended in 1-1 due to the scheduled time. Extra time to build matches If there is no team in there, the tiebreaker will miss Denmark in the quarter-finals, Croatia
In the group stage, three champions won three matches and the second round came in Croatia. On the other hand, despite being unbeatable in the group, Denmark could only laugh at a match in just one match. 
From the start of the match was the attack and counter attack. But everyone surprised everyone with just 57 seconds into the match, with a lucky lead in Denmark, Yurgensen. From the pass from Delaney's pass, the shot taken from Jatla in the D box crossover goalkeeper Subbashee gets caught in the trap and gets caught in the cross-fire before crossing to Croatia.
But Croatia did not take time to return to equality At the end of 3 minutes Manjukich scored a great goal and saw the two goals within three minutes and everyone at the Novagord Stadium.
In the 20 minutes, Nudsen did not play Manzukich in the D box but the referee did not play the whistle. Lover's shots left the right side of the crossbar in the 39th minute to move from the corner. In the first half, 58 percent of the players took possession, but no other goal was found in Croatia. As a result, the two teams could break into 1-1.
From the start of the second half, the ball is playing in the right direction by Denmark. In the 56th minute, Denmark's Brathwaite shot went out of the goal. In the 61st minute, with Paulson shot well in the one-to-one with Ericson, he did not even get the shot. 
Nicolai Eggensen of Denmark received a great opportunity in the 72nd minute. But straight from the D box they hit the ball to the goalkeeper. In the 77th minute of Denmark's attack, he shot a long distance from outside the Alcoholics D box, but he did not see the face of the light.
In the 84th minute, the Inter Milan player of Croatia, Parsisich's head Dennis Goalkeeper, stared at the crossbar, for a few minutes, there was no excitement for the fans, who lost the Argentina a few days before the pitchers. Only two minutes of extra time in the match, the shot shot of Raketich boosts only frustration. If there is no goal in the match, then the two teams finished the scheduled match from 1-1. For the second time in a day, another match was created in extra time.
In extra time the fatigue of the players was clearly seen in the body. Even after taking Denmark's shot shot at 99 minutes, he went out. The most exciting moment of the whole match comes in 114 minutes. In the debbox, the goalkeeper smacked the entire round-the-clock, but before the shot, Rebecca was fired by Denmark's Yarigensen. The referee immediately decided to penalize. But it was important to spot kick when he missed the penalty on the penultimate round of the penalty, 
If there is no possibility at the last moment, the match will be created in penalty shootouts. There is also a color change game. The Croatian goalkeeper, Subashich, saw the extraordinary accomplishment, giving Dennis three penalties. Where Dennis Goalkeeper can save only two penalties in the full match.
Originally, the main player of Denmark, Ericson was unable to score goals in penalties, they were under some pressure. They did not return from there. Croats again in 1998 quarter-finals of the World Cup Where the host country Russia is losing its hopes for Russia